Day 1 – Monday, June 20th

Morning Session – Paris to Earth: The Urgency Of Climate Change Is Now Morning Host – Abby Stern AREI Afternoon Session – The Grand Leap: Getting to Low Carbon Economies Afternoon Host – Lucy Kessler  Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE)

Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat

Opening Prayer

Bud Wilson, Sally Ranney, Ed Bastian, Susan Skjei

Nature, Wisdom and Mindfulness: Igniting a Sustainable Future

Jeff Horowitz

Racing The Climate Change Clock

His Excellency Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Iceland: Leading the Great Transition to 100% Renewables

Sally Ranney, Keith Tuffley, Osprey Orielle Lake

The Paris Agreement: Can It Deliver?

Chip Comins, Jon Creyts, Jens Nielsen, DC Cordova, Daniel Fung

195! The Great Global Collaboration

Mark Udall, Maggie L. Fox

High Stakes Politics: Refections on Lessons Learned and Climate Change

Randy Hayes

A True Cost Economy: How to Ecologize Capitalism

Leila Conners, Chip Comins

We The People

Julienne Stroeve

Oceans and Ice: Prophets of the Planet

Inger Andersen

Planet at the Crossroads

Robert Lavia, Chip Comins

From the Ground Up: Green Growth in Developing Countries

Rabbi Michael M. Cohen

Can Renewables Bridge the Arab and Israeli Divide?

General Wesley Clark, Gueta Mezzetti

Climate has No National Boundaries: Redefining Security

Paul Walker, Trammell S. Crow, Rod Richardson, Aaron Berger

Conservative Values and the Green Agenda

Gene Karpinski, Pete Maysmith

The Playbook: Climate and Energy in the 2016 Election

Bill Becker

Going Forward: American Clean Power Plan

Richard Eidlin, Dan Miller, Mona Newton, Lisa Tasker

Putting A Fee on Carbon: How and When?

Rod Richardson

Clean Tax Cuts: The New Clean Capitalist Climate Solution

T. Boone Pickens, Ken Losch, Chip Comins

Cleaning it Up: Natural Gas and the Future

Peter Hans Ward, Eden Vardy, Leilani Münter

Low Carbon Food: Ethics and Appetites

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Monday Closing Remarks

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