“Handshake Activism” Won’t Defuse the Climate Emergency

We need to mobilize many more people from all walks of life, say climate activists Kumi Naidoo and Luisa Neubauer. If a historian were charting the climate movement, she’d probably set its highwater mark so far as September of 2019, when something like 7 million people, most of them young, took to the streets of […]

Landfills: An Unexpected Source of Renewable Energy

Did you know that the garbage you throw out every day is a source of green energy? The gas naturally generated by landfills fuels vehicles and powers the electric grid, easing our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. “Landfill gas is a resource the waste and recycling industry is proud to reliably provide 24 […]

Can Recycling Metals From Steel to Lithium Boost Green Transition?

As demand surges for metals such as lithium, recycling could cut the impact of mining on people and nature. At a metal recycling facility in central England, thousands of tonnes of shredded scrap from cars to construction debris arrive daily to be processed into individual materials and sold. A mixture of metals, plastics and other […]

Italy Is Fighting Energy Poverty — and Climate Change

Renewable energy communities provide a blueprint for a fairer green energy transition. San Giovanni a Teduccio is a working-class neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples, Italy. Once an industrial center, today it’s home to abandoned factories that sit in ruins by the sea. But the rooftop of a former orphanage points to new beginnings for […]