Global Choices

driving action on the Ice Crisis. prioritizing the Arctic and Antarctica.

“It will be our greed or our grace that determines the future for all species, including humanity. With a sliver of time still left to make a measurable difference, the next few years will demand we collectively agree to make the global choices now absolutely critical and urgent to ensure a sustainable future for all.” — Sally Ranney

We are an ice-dependent species because polar ice is an indispensable global climate stabilizing system that we must not allow to go extinct. Global Choices has a vision to achieve a consciousness in action — that we are one humanity, dependent on the Global Commons, the interdependent natural systems crucial to all life. It’s critical to protect what is left of the Central Arctic Ocean Ice Shield. Let’s give nature a chance and have a precautionary pause – with no deep seabed mining or oil and gas exploration, no breaking shipping lanes through the ice, no nuclear weapons testing.  In short they are saying, hands off!

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Polar Ice is on the edge of extinction. Why this matters.

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