Past AREDAY Summit Speakers

The annual AREDAY Summit brings together more than 100 cross-sector speakers.

Benji Backer, American Conservation Coalition

Benji Backer
President & Founder
American Conservation 

Phyllis Bald Eagle, Traditional Lakota Elder

Phyllis Bald Eagle
Traditional Lakota Elder
Native Roots Camp

Xiye Bastida, Youth Climate Activist, Fridays For Future

Xiye Bastida Patrick
Youth Climate Activist
Fridays For Future

Bill Becker, Presidential Climate Action Project

Bill Becker
Executive Director
Presidential Climate Action Project

Aaron Berger, Nexus Working Group on Climate Change

Aaron Berger
Asymmetrical Solutions

Brian Black, ProStar Energy Solutions

Brian Black
ProStar Energy Solutions

Bill Brandt, ASU Lightworks

Bill Brandt
Director of Strategic Integration
ASU Lightworks

Melody Saunders Brenna, Reef Life Restoration and Foundation

Melody Saunders Brenna
CEO & Co-Founder
Reef Life Restoration and Foundation

Kate Brooks, Filmmaker & Photographer, The Last Animals

Kate Brooks
Filmmaker & Photographer

The Last Animals

James Brundige, First Light Films

James Brundige

First Light Films

Spike Buckley, Earth's Call

Spike Buckley

Earth’s Call

Michael Cain, EarthxFilm

Michael Cain
President & Co-Founder

Beverly Camhe, Producer

Beverly Camhe

Beverly Camhe Productions

Leesa Carter-Jones, Captain Planet Foundation

Leesa Carter-Jones
President & CEO

Captain Planet Foundation

Jean-François Cavelier, True Media Company

Jean-François Cavelier

True Media Company

Cedric Ceballos, Former NBA LA Laker

Cedric Ceballos
Vice President
Dallas Mavericks

Tom Chi, At One Ventures, Google X

Tom Chi

At One Ventures

General Wesley Clark, Growth Energy

Gen. Wesley Clark
Chairman & CEO

Wesley K. Clark & Associates

Dianna Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition

Dianna Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Michael Shaun Conaway, WeRiseUP

Michael Shaun Conaway

Steven Conger, P4P Energy

Steven Conger
CEO & Chairman
P4P Energy

Brent R. Constantz, Ph.D., Blue Planet, Ltd.

Brent R. Constantz, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Blue Planet, Ltd.

Joe Conte, Strategy Agency, Inc.

Joe Conte
Founder & CEO

Strategy Agency, Inc.

Ryan Costello, Americans for Carbon Dividends

Ryan Costello
Managing Director
Americans for Carbon Dividends

Sally Coxe, Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Sally Jewell Coxe

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Trammell S. Crow, EarthX

Trammell S. Crow


George Cummings, Mission Blue WFCRC

George Cummings
SDG14 Ocean Ambassador
Mission Blue WFCRC

Maggie Cutts, Prime Coalition

Maggie Cutts
Director of Philanthropic Development
Prime Coalition

Olivia Q. Daane, LIVASPENART

Olivia Q. Daane


Skipper Darlington, Africa ASAP

Skipper Darlington
Founder & Executive Director
Africa ASAP

Edward Davis, Intelligent Power, Inc.

Edward Davis
Chief Technology Officer
Intelligent Power, Inc.

Mary-Rose de Valladares, IEA Hydrogen

Mary-Rose de Valladares
General Manager
IEA Hydrogen

Jim Dehlsen, Aquantis, Inc.

Jim Dehlsen

Aquantis, Inc.

Noel Dockstader, Point of No Return

Noel Dockstader

Point of No Return
Far West Film

Ellen Dorsey, Wallace Global Fund

Ellen Dorsey
Executive Director

Wallace Global Fund

Demond Drummer, New Consensus

Demond Drummer
Executive Director

New Consensus

Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear, Inc.

Riggs Eckelberry
Chairman & CEO

OriginClear, Inc.

Katie Eder, Future Coalition

Katie Eder
Future Coalition

Stan Emert, Green EnviroTech Holdings, Corp.

Stan Emert
EVP, Strategy
Green EnviroTech Holdings, Corp.

Charley Erdman, Design Ideas By Nature

Charley Erdman
Exec. Director, Product Design
Ideas By Nature

Colin Finnegan, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)

Colin Finnegan
Coalitions Manager
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)

Larry Flowers, EERE - Wind Powering America

Larry Flowers

G4 Wind

Lawrence Ford, Conscious Capital Wealth Management

Lawrence Ford
CEO & Founder
Conscious Capital Wealth Management

Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest
Founder & Chairman
Fortescue Metals Flourishing Oceans /
Minderoo Foundation

Maggie Fox, Maggie Fox Strategies

Maggie Fox

On Common Ground

Bobby Gill, Savory Institute

Bobby Gill
Director of Development & Communications

Savory Institute

Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute

Peter Gleick

Pacific Institute

Ben Goertzel

Jon Goldin-Dubois, Western Resource Advocates

Jon Goldin-Dubois

Western Resource Advocates

Brian Goldstein, Energy Independence Now

Brian Goldstein
Executive Director
Energy Independence Now

James Goudreau, Novartis

James Goudreau
Head of Climate

Jonathan Granoff, President of the Global Security Institute

Jonathan Granoff
Global Security Institute

Jena M. Griswold
Colorado Secretary of State
Colorado Department of State

Juan Grobler, Executive Vice President, FridgeWize, Inc.

Juan Grobler
Executive Vice President

FridgeWize, Inc.

Elizabeth Halliday Richardson
Grace Richardson Fund

Bryan Hannegan, Holy Cross Energy

Bryan Hannegan
President & CEO

Holy Cross Energy

Jack Hatch, Hatch Development Group

Jack Hatch
Former Iowa State Senator
Hatch Development Group

Katie Hoffman, NEXUS Global

Katie Hoffman

Energy + Environment
NEXUS Global

Charlotta Holmquist
Executive Chairman
& Co-Founder

Andrew Horvath, Star Scientific Limited, Planet Power Systems

Andrew Horvath
Global Group Chairman

Planet Power Systems

Sarah Hunt, Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy

Sarah Hunt
Co-Founder & CEO
Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy

Hutch Hutchinson, Resilient Analytics

Hutch Hutchinson
Resilient Analytics

Susan Innis, Invenergy LLC

Susan Innis
Senior Manager, Renewable Development

Invenergy LLC

Slater Jewell-Kemker
Youth Unstoppable

Gene Karpinski, League of Conservative Voters

Gene Karpinski

League of Conservation Voters

Tony Keane, EarthX

Tony Keane
President & CEO

Thomas King, Managing Partner, CrossRiver Capital

Thomas King

Fundación Borincana

Joanie Klar, Media Producer

Joanie Klar
Social Architect, Media Producer, Wellness Coach

Jonah Kurman-Faber
Research Associate
Climate XChange

Tiina Kurvits
Project Manager

Sandra Kwak
CEO & Founder


Katie LaFleur, Match for Peace

Katie LaFleur
Match for Peace

Marjorie Layden
WEL Foundation

David Levine, American Sustainable Business Council

David Levine
Founder & President

American Sustainable Business Council

Gail Levy, HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water

Gail Levy
Founder & CEO
HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water

Amy Lewis, Vice President of Communications & Development, WILD Foundation

Amy Lewis
Vice President, Policy & Communications

WILD Foundation

Amory Lovins

Amory Lovins
Chief Scientist
Rocky Mountain Institute

Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions

Hunter Lovins
President & Founder

Natural Capitalism Solutions

Jerry Mallett
Colorado Headwaters

Delia G. Malone, Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

Delia G. Malone
Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

Brad M. Markell
Executive Director, Industrial Union Council

Cheryl Martin, Harwich Partners

Cheryl Martin

Harwich Partners

Fred Martin
Founder & CEO
Compton Kidz Club

Vance Martin

Wild Foundation

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
Youth Director
Earth Guardians

John McBride, Founder, The Sopris Foundation

John McBride
The Sopris Foundation

Ravé Mehta, Water Ledger & Rise

Ravé Mehta
Founder & Chairman
Water Ledger

Alex Melnyk
WeRiseUP The Movie

Paul Miller, DJ Spooky, The Global Brain

Paul D. Miller
“DJ Spooky”
Chief Creative Director

The Global Brain

Melissa Miyashiro, Blue Planet Foundation

Melissa Miyashiro
Managing Director, Strategy & Policy
Blue Planet Foundation

Mario Molina, Protect Our Winters

Mario Molina
Executive Director
Protect Our Winters

Bill Mundell
Producer, Better Angels

Dave Munk
Vice Chair
Holy Cross Energy

Julie Muraco, TBLI Group Holdings B.V.

Julie Muraco
CEO & Managing Partner
TBLI Group Holdings B.V.

Matthew J. Myers
Vice President

Collin O'Mara, National Wildlife Federation

Collin O’Mara
President & CEO
National Wildlife Federation

Charles Orgbon
Lead, Sustainability Business Resource Group

David Orr, Oberlin College

David Orr
Professor of Environmental Studies
Oberlin College

Jerome Osentowski, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Jerome Osentowski
Founder & Director

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Rachel Payne, FEM Inc.

Rachel Payne
CEO & Co-Founder
FEM Inc.

Aaron Perry, Y on Earth Community

Aaron Perry
Founder & Executive Director

Y on Earth Community

Luka Powanga, Energy Africa Conference

Luka Powanga
Executive Director

Energy Africa Conference

Dan Powers
Executive Director


John Powers, The Alliance Center

John Powers
The Alliance Center

Inge Relph, Global Choices

Inge Relph
Executive Director
Global Choices

Wiley Rhodes, One Step In Foundation, Newpoint Companies

Wiley Rhodes
One Step In Foundation

Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Alliance

Henk Rogers
Founder & Chairman

Blue Planet Alliance

Frank Rukavina, Sustainable Innovations Operative LLC

Frank Rukavina
President & Senior Advisor
Sustainable Innovations Operative LLC

Hanieh Sadat, impactX

Hanieh Sadat
Managing Partner

GenesysOne Capital

Anita Sanchez, Pachamama Alliance

Dr. Anita L. Sanchez
Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Lori Schell, Empowered Energy

Lori Schell
President & Founder
Empowered Energy

Eric Schmidt
Executive Director
Wildlife Protection Solutions

Andrew Scott, Founder, Open Mind Project

Andrew Scott

Open Mind Project

Daniel Shaw
Catto Shaw Foundation

Christian Shearer, Regen Network

Christian Shearer
Regen Network

Kunal Sood, NOVUS

Kunal Sood


Ellen Stechel

ASU LightWorks

Bruce A. Stein
Chief Scientist & Associate Vice President

National Wildlife Federation

Harry Teague, President & Principal Designer, Harry Teague Architects

Harry Teague
President & Principal Designer

Harry Teague Architects

Robin Tyner, Oceanographer, Senior Fellow, DEPLOY/US

Robin D. Tyner


Tom Van Dyck, RBC Wealth Managemeent

Tom Van Dyck
Managing Director

RBC Wealth Management

Heidi VanGenderen, Chief Sustainability Officer, University of Colorado Boulder

Heidi VanGenderen
Chief Sustainability Officer
University of Colorado Boulder

Eden Vardy, Executive Director, Aspen TREE

Eden Vardy
Executive Director & Founder

The Farm Collaborative

Tracy Vasaturo
Traces Consulting

Capt. Paul Watson
CEO & Founder

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Eli Weiss, Founder, WildiZe Foundation

Eli Weiss

WildiZe Foundation

Jerrica Rai Whitlock, Blue Planet Alliance

Jerrica Rai Whitlock
Senior Director
Blue Planet Alliance

Bud Wilson
Deep Nature Journeys

Timothy E. Wirth

Timothy E. Wirth
Vice Chair
United Nations Foundation

Rex Wong
Fliqs Media

Doug Woodring, Ocean Recovery Alliance

Doug Woodring
Founder & Managing Director

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Colonel Chris Wyatt, African Studies, U.S. Army War College

Colonel Chris Wyatt
African Studies, U.S. Army War College

Michelle Wyman, National Council for Science and the Environment

Michelle Wyman
Executive Director

National Council for Science and the Environment

Edward Zaelke, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Edward Zaelke
Partner – Los Angeles
McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Chip Comins
Chairman & CEO


Sally Ranney, AREI, WECAN

Sally Ranney