America’s Premiere Renewable Energy Networking Event featuring Clean Energy World Leaders in Finance, Investment,Government, Solar, Biofuels, Geothermal, the Public and Private Sectors.

Founded in 2004 as a one-day renewable energy expo, American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) is now one of the most important renewable energy technology and policy summits in the United States. Held annually in Aspen, Colorado each summer, AREDAY attracts national and international attention with its impressive roster of speakers and participants. Additionally, AREDAY has a multi-faceted program platform and numerous partnerships.

The mission of AREDAY is — To create vibrant and powerful cross-sector dialogue, commitments, collaborations and investments that foster climate change solutions at the speed and scale necessary to phase out fossil fuels, and usher in a rapid transition to a new, clean energy economy.

Past Alumni include:
President Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States
Ted Turner, Founder of CNN, Turner Renewable Energy
Huang Ming, Founder/Chairman, Himin Solar, China
Thomas Friedman, Author, Journalist The New York Times
Hon. Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister Australia
Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue
Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute
Timothy Wirth, VP, UN Foundation, former Under Secretary of State for Environmental Affairs
General Wesley Clark, Growth Energy, Retired General of the United States Army
Michael Eckhart, Global Head of Environmental Finance and Sustainability Citigroup Capital Markets, Inc.
Tom Steyer, Founder, NextGen Climate
Theodore Roosevelt IV, Chairman, Cleantech Initiative Barclays Bank
Rachel Kyte, CEO, Sustainable Energy for All, Former World Bank
Dr. Jane Lubchenco, 1st Women Administrator, NOAA
James Cameron, Director, Writer and Producer,  Avatar, Titanic
Daryl Hannah, Actress
Leilani Munter, NASCAR Race Driver, Carbon Free Girl
Larry Schweiger, National Wildlife Federation
T. Boone Pickens, BP Capital Management
Michael Bennet, Senator of Colorado
Bill Ritter, Governor of Colorado
John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado
Louie Pshyosis, Oscar-winning Director of The Cove and Racing Extinction