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AREDAY Summit begins today in Snowmass The Aspen Times – August 9, 2015
Former PM speaks on politics of fear vs. hope Aspen Daily News Online – August 10, 2015
‘Politics of climate change’ featured during AREDAY Aspen Daily News Online – August 10, 2015
EPA officials: Flexibility key to clean power plan Grand Junction Daily Sentinal August 10, 2015

AREDAY’s Impact Film Brings Oscar-Winning Director to Summit
Racing Extinction Director Louie Psihoyos,
Redford Center’s Jamie Redford, speaks at 2015 Summit
Psihoyos projected “architectural art event” about endangered species on Empire State Building last week.Snowmass Village, Colorado… American Renewable Energy Day’s Impact Film brings documentary filmmakers and six environmentally-themed films to Snowmass Village during the 2015 Summit, August 8-13. Racing Extinction, the latest documentary by Oscar-winning director and Boulder, Colorado resident Louie Psihoyos, closes out Impact Film on Tuesday, August 11. The films are open to the public and are free to Summit pass holders. Impact Film takes place at the Westin Conference Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado.

Psihoyos will talk before the screening of Racing Extinction, along with filmmaker Jamie Redford of the Redford Center, Mike Phillips of Turner Endangered Species Fund, and Steve Michelson of Slow Media Group. Redford, son of actor Robert Redford, has written, directed or produced more than a dozen films over the last two decades, including the award winning HBO documentaries Watershedand Toxic Hot Seat. Psihoyos will take audience questions prior to the screening. Full Release August 5, 2015

Australia’s Former Prime Minister Joins 100+ International Renewable Energy Leaders at American Renewable Energy Day Summit

Kevin Rudd, Tom Friedman, Amory Lovins, Sylvia Earl, Gen. Wes Clark, Tim Wirth, Bill Ritter among Speakers Local’s Passes Now Available to the 12th Annual AREDAY Summit, August 8-13. Full release. July 20, 2015

Huang Ming “the Solar King of China” Speaks at American Renewable Energy Day

Ming founded China’s largest solar thermal product manufacturer/ launched one of the biggest solar city projects in the world. Full release. July 10, 2015

Speaker Highlights

Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist at Rocky Mountain Institute
The pace of disruption is determined by the insurgents, not the incumbents. Re energy sources, value must exceed price, price must exceed cost. Some disruptors: Electric vehicles, urban design, grid defection. It’s not just one thing – it’s the way they all work together. The effects are enormously greater than if they are evaluated one at a time. Amory suggests the U.S. have “fee-bates” for low income people to buy energy efficient cars, which would address both fossil fuel use and income disparity, by helping to provide reliable transportation for getting to work. Income disparity between black and white people would be cut in half if everyone had reliable, energy efficient vehicles. Full Release August 10, 2015

Dr. Sylvia Earle
American Renewable Energy Day Summit

“The ocean is not too big too fail – it is changing in ways that not only don’t bode well for whales and fish but for us as well.”

“We are changing the nature of nature – something I thought impossible when I was a child.”

“I couldn’t have imagined the changes we’re seeing now – when I was a child.”

Full release. August 9, 2015

Andreas Merkl, Ocean Conservancy—“Every Second Breath Comes from the Ocean”