The ACELI Mission

“To accelerate the partnership between industry, community colleges and public education to create core curriculum, both online and classroom, that results in the implementation of jobs in the clean technology sector.”

We recognize the urgent need to prepare for global change, as a result of the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere that is impacting ecosystems, economies, and energy use. ACELI is positioned uniquely to respond to the urgent need and will serve as a public-private collaboration to foster resiliency and sustainable practices in connected communities across the country.

ACELI projects and curriculum will enhance existing programs and initiatives, fostering synergistic activities and opportunities between educational and industry partners. We are creating and implementing publicly accredited programming for community colleges and K-12 public schools with a turn-key model that adheres to national core standards.

American Climate & Energy Literacy Initiate

Since 2004, American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) has been bringing top leaders and educators together to promote the rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies via demonstrations, presentations and dialogue. Each year, AREDAY has hosted nationally and internationally renowned speakers and attracted attendees from across the globe – resulting in unique, powerful cross-sector collaborations and a call to action around the issue of climate change. In 2012 AREDAY became a project of the newly formed not-for-profit, American Renewable Energy Institute, Inc. (AREI). The development of the American Climate and Energy Literacy Initiative (ACELI) moves the AREDAY Summit beyond a yearly conference in order to build clean energy job training and public education on climate change solutions.

ACELI educational programming is being developed and will be available in four different formats:

  • Public Education Curriculum of accredited coursework offered through various Community Colleges
  • A series of Speakers Programs offered throughout the year both for public attendance, in K-12  and Community College Classrooms
  • Junior Climate Ambassadors K-12 Classroom Projects and Programs to promote climate and energy literacy while advancing science and math standards. Online curriculum development, including an interactive platform for students to share and collaborate on projects.
  • AREDAY Video library archive of prominent Keynotes, Panel Discussions, and Power Point Presentations of nationally recognized experts and business leaders in the Renewable Energy and Sustainability fields from the AREDAY Summit programs.

Public Educational Curriculum

ACELI Programs will focus on educating Americans on efficient use of energy and preparing critical worker populations for jobs that create solutions for climate change. This includes, but is not limited to the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource conservation. The goal is to provide educational programs, for community colleges and K-12 public schools, which will substantially and measurably increase individual and collective climate and energy literacy.In addition to raising public understanding, specific vocational tracts will be developed leading to the creation of jobs to inspire an economic stimulus in the fields of renewable, sustainable and efficient energy.

The Junior Climate Ambassadors

K-12 program prepares elementary through high school students for their eventual entry into the green workforce through creating a comprehensive and foundational understanding of climate science, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental and civic stewardship.

Job Training

ACELI customizes job training according to industry need. By employing our strong alliances with climate and energy educators and scientists, and through collaboration with clean energy industry leaders, we possess the expertise to create a core curriculum as well as a vast online digital library of materials for prospective students. Job training curriculum will be customized based on industry need and anticipated regional clean energy market growth. Through our network of clean energy industry leaders, we can accurately forecast and create job training and placement assistance in immerging markets.

Speaker’s Series

The Summit will always be the keystone piece of AREI. Through ACELI, an expanded year-round speaker-series will be offered. Speakers will range from spotlight engagements with some of our keynote speakers and inspiring individuals from the Summit. As part of our local education initiative, we will also offer presentations from local energy and climate change experts in classroom, town hall style, and pointed public speaking engagements.

Video Library

AREDAY’s library contains the recorded conversations and panels on the vast array of topics from the 2004-2015 Summit conferences. While many are currently available on the AREDAY website, ACELI plans to have these presentations transcribed and made available through the ACELI educational resource library. The content of the video library will remain public material available to the public through the website. Click here to view AREDAY videos.

We are facing a critical juncture in history. It is essential that we advance renewable energy for economic and job creation opportunities, as well as reduce our carbon footprint for a healthier world. Resolving climate change will take all of us at all levels of society to bring about the solutions to global warming and its dire impacts upon the planet.

ACELI believes education is the key for individuals and organizations to take the necessary steps towards solutions in protecting the environment and minimizing climate impacts as part of the human legacy. We feel strongly that our ACELI programs will begin to bridge the gap between climate science and popular culture. We invite you to join ACELI to help develop and fund this initiative of educating and mobilizing America on energy literacy and climate change.

For more information please contact AREDAY Founder and AREI, Inc. Chairman & CEO Chip Comins, (970) 948-9929, [email protected].