AREDAY Summit 2023 Agenda: October 6-9
Venue: eTown, Boulder, Colorado
Theme: "Climate, Democracy and Human Security"

(Subject to change)

FRIDAY – October  6

Location:  Millennium Hotel Garden, Boulder Colorado
5 – 8pm: Opening Reception and Registration
Meet and Greet, Beer & Wine, Light Food


SATURDAY – October  7  

“Science Saturday”
Location: eTown, 1535 Spruce St, Boulder Colorado
Morning Host: Nick Thomas

7:45 am:

8:15 am:
Welcoming Remarks: Chip Comins

8:20 am:
Opening blessings: Native Elder

8:30 am:
Panel Discussion
“From Renewables to Hydrogen”  

  • Moderator: Gary Dirks
  • Gary Dirks, Arizona State University 
  • Wiley Rhodes, One Step In and Newpoint Companies, 
  • Former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter, Center for The New Energy Economy  
  • Bill Brandt, ASU Lightworks


9:15 am: Panel Discussion
“CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage: Fact or Fiction” 

  • Moderator: Maya Winkelstein, The 2030 Fund
  • Jonathan Foley, Project Drawdown (via Zoom)
  • Jane Patton, Center for International Environmental Law
  • Q & A  — 15 minutes


10:00 am: Keynote
“Does the Government work for Climate and Democracy”  

  • Congressman Jason Crow, US Congressman 6th District Colorado


10:15 am: Panel Discussion:
HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current”  

  • Moderator: Chip Comin, AREI
  • Gary Dirks, Arizona State University 
  • Alexander “Sandy” McDonald, NOAA, Retired
  • Former Governor Bill Ritter, Center for The New Energy Economy  


11:00 am: Keynote 
“Protecting Climate and Democracy in Education”

  • Amy Parsons,  Colorado State University 


11:15 am: Keynote
“Protecting Democracy”

  • Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State 


11:30 AM  Panel Discussion:
Democracy 4.0” 

  • Moderator: Timothy Wirth, Vice-Chair of the United Nations Foundation
  • Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State 
  • Amy Parsons, Colorado State University 
  • Former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter, Center for The New Energy Economy 


12:15 pm: Networking LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon Host: Nick Thomas

2:00 pm:

  • Global Youth Movement – 5 min short


2:05 pm: Keynote
“Youth Leadership on Climate and Democracy”

  • Xiye Bastida, Re-Earth Initiative –
    Clips from
    “The Whale”


2:15 pm: Keynote
“Climate, Democracy on Thin Ice”

  • Sally Ranney, Global Choices


2:30 pm: Keynote
“Climate, Democracy – Observations from Ukraine”

  • General Wesley Clark,  Energy Security Partners


2:45 pm: Armchair
“Climate, Democracy and the Military”

  • Moderator: Ginna Kelly, Climb for Conservation  
  • Robin Tyner Capt., USN (retired)


3:15 pm: Panel Discussion
 “Divest Invest: As you Sow” 

  • Moderator: John Powers
  • Andy Behar, As You Sow
  • Tom Van Dyck, As You Sow 


3:45 pm: Armchair
“Electing Moderate Climate Leaders” 

  • Moderator: Nick Forster, Create Boulder 
  • Bill Shireman, Future 500
  • Trammell Crow, EarthX 


4:15 pm: Keynote
“Climate Investment 4.0” 

  • Vikram Agrawal, EarthX  


4:30 pm: Keynote
“AI as Climate Solution”

  • Bob Levin, Emerging Star Capital


4:45 pm: Keynote
“Art as the Climate Connector”

  • Mia Hanák, Millennium Art, Act Now, LakaLelup


5:00 pm: Keynote
“Doubling Climate Youth Vote in 2024”

  • Richard Greene, Consultant for “Now This”


5:15 pm: Keynote 
“Gender, Equity, Diversity, Investments”

  • Sophia Swire, GEDI


Evening program

7:15 pm:  
Screening: “Deep Rising” The Effects of Deep SeaBed Mining.
Directed by Matthieu Rytz 

8:45 PM
Screening: “Climate Refugees”
Directed Michael Nash


SUNDAY – October  8

“Regenerative Sunday”
Doors open at 8:30 am.
Morning Host: Ginna Kelly

8:45 am: Blessings 
“A Green God is a Good”

  • Andrew Scott, Open Mind Project, Sunday Sermon 


9:00 am: Keynote
“US Presidents: An Environmental History” 

  • Douglas Brinkley, Author & Historian


9:30 am: Armchair
“From John Muir to Bill Mckibben: How Environmentalists have influenced Presidential Action”

  • Douglas Brinkley, Historian  
  • Sally Ranney, Global Choices


10:00 am: Keynote
“CRM – Carbon Removal Mechanism”

  • Graciella Chichilnisky


10:15 am: Keynote
“About the Blue Planet”  

  • Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Energy Systems 


10:30 am: Keynote
“Mission Blue Hope Spots” 

  • Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue


11:15 am: Panel
“Decarbonizing the Ocean”

  • Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
  • Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue
  • Louie Psihoyos,  Filmmaker Ocean Preservation Society
  • Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Energy Systems


12:00 pm: LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon host: Nick Thomas

1:30 pm:
“Regeneration: Carbon and Agricultural Health”

  • Dr. Allen Williams, Soil Health Academy
  • Peter Byck, Carbon Nation

2:15 pm: Armchair
“The Economic Benefits of Regenerative Farming”

  • Moderator: Paul Miller  “DJ Spooky” 
  • Rick Clark, Farm Green
  • Byron Kominek, Jack’s Solar Garden

2:45 pm: Keynote
“Regenerative Rice”

  • Pete Vegas, Sage V Foods

3:00 pm: Armchair
“Regenerative Water” 

  • Rave Mehta, Flow Capital 
  • Robert Sisson, International Joint Commission   


3:30 pm: Panel Discussion
“The Importance of Climate Philanthropy” 

  • Moderator: Jackie Francis, Keeling Curve Prize 
  • Dr. Laurie Michaels, The 2030 Fund
  • Spike Buckley,  Grimley Capital
  • Jason Franklin, Ktisis Capital
  • John Powers, Climate Democracy Initiative 


4:30 pm: Armchair
“Music Changes the World”

  • Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
  • Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis 


5:00 pm: Armchair
“Projecting Change & Plastic: a Solid Oil Spill”

  • Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
  • Louie Psihoyos, Filmmaker Ocean Preservation Society


5:15 pm: Evening Program

7:15 pm:
“Lakota Nation Vs. the United States” Executive Producer Mark Ruffalo.


MONDAY – October  9  

“Women’s and Indigenous Peoples Day”

Doors open at 8:30 am
Morning Host: Nicole Watson

9 am:
Blessing Ceremony 
“Amazonian blessing from the Sekopai” 

  • Jimmy Piaguaje and Kumiko Hayashi, The Roots Awaken 


9:15 am: Keynote
WECAN Amazonia update” 

  • Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN 


9:45 am: Armchair
Global Security Institute: Observations from the United Nations

  • Jonathan Granoff, Global Security Institute 
  • Jayashri Wyatt, United Nations


10:15 am: Keynote  
“SLAPP Lawsuits” 
Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation 

  • Alice Madden, Greenpeace 


10:30 am: Panel Discussion
Women Leading the World”  

  • Moderator: Heidi Van Genderen, University of Colorado  
  • Allison Archambault, Earthspark 
  • Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN 
  • Anne Marie Miller, AREI Trustee  
  • Mia Hanák, Millennium Art, Act Now, LakaLelup


11:15 am: TBD

12:00  pm: LUNCH  
Afternoon host: Nicole Watson

1:30 pm:
“Bring back the Wolf, Bring Back the Balance” 

  • Moderator: Tammy Story, House Rep. CO 
  • Delia Malone, Sierra Club
  • J Dallas Gudgel, Wildlife Coexistence 
  • Michelle Lute, Wildlife for All  


2:00 PM  Panel Discussion
“Biodiversity Amazonia: the Yusani Vote”   

  • Moderator: John Quigley, Artists for Amazonia
  • Kumiko Hayashi, The Roots Awaken 
  • Jimmy Piaguaje, The Roots Awaken (Chief Sekopai)
  • Atossa Soltani, The Headwaters Alliance 


2:45 pm: Panel Discussion
“Activism Matters”

  • Moderator: Varushka Franceschi, AREI
  • Paul Watson, Paul Watson Foundation 
  • Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network


3:15 pm: Panel Discussion
“Bioregional Regeneration”

  • Moderator: Eduardo Esparza, Blue Dot Capital
  • Alex Corren, Blue Dot Capital
  • Benji Ross, Blue Dot Capital
  • Mamo Rodrigo, Kogi Mamo
  • Zaga Josafina, Kogi Zaga


4:00 pm: Keynote 
“From the Colorado Headwaters to the Arctic to the Himalayas”

  • Andrea Sparrow, Arctic Arts