Why Nuclear Power Plants Are Not Suitable for Sri Lanka

Recent articles in the local press have publicized the government’s plans for the introduction of nuclear power plants to Sri Lanka with Russian support. A similar decision was taken way back in 2010 by the then President to bring nuclear power plants to Sri Lanka from South Korea. By Professor I.M Dharmadasa, Sheffield Hallam University, […]

How India’s Enormous Solar Park Left the Landless Stricken

India, like many other countries, is looking to renewables as an antidote to soaring fossil fuel prices and to tackle climate change. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees renewables as vital for a “developed India”. By Gareth Bryant, Devleena Ghosh, Jake Morcom, and Priya P Pillai But while renewables are seen as a major positive on […]

In Africa, China is Ramping Up Funding for Renewable Energy

China is one of the main funders of renewable-energy projects in Africa. At last year’s China-Africa Cooperation forum, Beijing committed to ramping up investments in solar, wind, and other renewables across the continent and has made no overseas coal power investments since 2021. By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network China is also one of several […]

Landfills: An Unexpected Source of Renewable Energy

Did you know that the garbage you throw out every day is a source of green energy? The gas naturally generated by landfills fuels vehicles and powers the electric grid, easing our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. “Landfill gas is a resource the waste and recycling industry is proud to reliably provide 24 […]