Lost in Translation? Climate Experts Aim to Break Language Barrier

Climate change communication often excludes people who don’t speak English, but things are now improving in India and Bangladesh. Indian researcher Sabir Ahamed took a linguist’s help to translate the term “just transition” into Bengali for his new study on the impact of coal mine closures on local people, as countries start to shift from […]

Expert Panel Warns Journalists of Coordinated Climate Disinformation Campaigns

As reporters confront sophisticated tactics aimed at obscuring the reality of climate change, knowledge is their ultimate weapon against deception, say media experts, who exposed the greenwashing influence of PR teams and emphasized the benefits of local reporting at a recent online briefing about fighting disinformation. There is an “absolutely critical difference” between climate misinformation […]

In the Shift Off Fossil Fuels, Money Talks

“Money talks.” Environment and Climate Minister Steven Guilbeault spoke those words in Brussels Wednesday, during a meeting aimed at mobilizing private financing for international climate action. But the observation extends so much farther. Financial self-interest drives every aspect of the institutional response to the climate emergency, its influence so central and decisive that officials rarely […]

Batteries on Wheels: EV School Buses Shore Up US Electricity Grid

Maryland’s Montgomery County already has the largest fleet of electric school buses in the United States, but it also wants to use its vehicles as “batteries on wheels”, sending power back to the grid to ease peak demand and help the clean energy transition. As part of a broad green agenda, the large county just outside Washington […]

Sea Ice Is Going, but When Will It Be Gone?

A pair of studies demonstrate the uncertainty over when the Arctic will become seasonally sea ice free. Every September since 1979, the U.S. government has measured the extent of sea ice in the Arctic. And the picture is not a pretty one—more than 2 million square kilometers have been lost in that time, leaving about 4.67 million […]