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June 20-23, 2016

Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat

Monday Opening Prayer - Day 1

Bud Wilson, Sally Ranney, Ed Bastian, Susan Skjei

Nature, Wisdom and Mindfulness: Igniting a Sustainable Future - Day 1

Jeff Horowitz

Racing The Climate Change Clock - Day 1

His Excellency Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Iceland: Leading the Great Transition to 100% Renewables - Day 1

Sally Ranney, Keith Tuffley, Osprey Orielle Lake

The Paris Agreement: Can It Deliver? - Day 1

Chip Comins, Jon Creyts, Jens Nielsen, DC Cordova, Daniel Fung

195! The Great Global Collaboration - Day 1

Mark Udall, Maggie L. Fox

High Stakes Politics: Refections on Lessons Learned and Climate Change - Day 1

Randy Hayes

A True Cost Economy: How to Ecologize Capitalism - Day 1

Leila Conners, Chip Comins

We The People - Day 1

Julienne Stroeve

Oceans and Ice: Prophets of the Planet - Day 1

Inger Andersen

Planet at the Crossroads - Day 1

Robert Lavia, Chip Comins

From the Ground Up: Green Growth in Developing Countries - Day 1

Rabbi Michael M. Cohen

Can Renewables Bridge the Arab and Israeli Divide? - Day 1

General Wesley Clark, Gueta Mezzetti

Climate has No National Boundaries: Redefining Security - Day 1

Paul Walker, Trammell S. Crow, Rod Richardson, Aaron Berger

Conservative Values and the Green Agenda - Day 1

Gene Karpinski, Pete Maysmith

The Playbook: Climate and Energy in the 2016 Election - Day 1

Bill Becker

Going Forward: American Clean Power Plan - Day 1

Richard Eidlin, Dan Miller, Mona Newton, Lisa Tasker

Putting A Fee on Carbon: How and When? - Day 1

Rod Richardson

Clean Tax Cuts: The New Clean Capitalist Climate Solution - Day 1

T. Boone Pickens, Ken Losch, Chip Comins

Cleaning it Up: Natural Gas and the Future - Day 1

Peter Hans Ward, Eden Vardy, Leilani Münter

Low Carbon Food: Ethics and Appetites - Day 1

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Monday Closing Remarks - Day 1

Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat

Tuesday Opening Prayer - Day 2

Bill McDonough

Re-Designing Design: The Nemesis of Sustainability - Day 2

David Orr

Oberlin: The Story of a City Going Climate Positive - Day 2

Greg Pickrell, Michael Fuller, Harry Teague, Ann Mullins

Architecting the Future of the Built Environment - Day 2

Lloyd Lee

Taking Texas Net-Zero - Day 2

Carla Walker-Miller

Re-Building and Re-Energizing Detroit - Day 2

Bill Brandt, Klaus Lackner, Graciela Chichilnisky

Air Capture Carbon Negative: A Technology For The Future - Day 2

Stephen Scofield

Theory to Reality: Can Offsets Achieve Carbon Neutrality - Day 2

Douglas Miller, Martha Campbell, Chip Comins

Media Engagement for Sustainable Behavior Change - Day 2

Keith Tuffley

The End of Business as Usual - Day 2

Keith Tuffley, Randy Hayes, Mark Stenftenagel

Corporate Social Responsibility: Mobilizing Business for Good - Day 2

Harry Kloor

Exponential Entrepreneurism - Day 2

His Excellency Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Sally Ranney

The Arctic Circle: The Frontier of Climate Change Leadership - Day 2

Henk Rogers

Investing in the Future: Philanthropy and Business - Day 2

Joel Serface, Rod Eckhardt, Joshua Herlands, Matthew Wright, Joel Cohn

Financing Renewable Energy - Day 2

Conor Platt

Bringing Sustainable Investment Mainstream - Day 2

Joel Serface, Brett Byers, Rod Eckhardt

The New Compass of Finance: Values-Based Investing - Day 2

Stan Stalnaker

Better Finance: Converging Nature with Technology in Capital Markets - Day 2

Vanessa Green, Clara Vonrich, Sally Ranney

Divest Invest: A Campaign Commanding Change - Day 2

Katie Hoffman, John R. Seydel, Mark Bernstein, Mauricio Castillo

The Wealth Transfer: Interventions and Opportunities - Day 2

Luka Powanga

Energy Africa - Day 2

Del Worley, David Hornbacher

Updating Utilities: Is a 100% Local and Regional Renewable Grid Possible? - Day 2

Albert Slap, Steve Michelson

The Seas are Rising: Climate Risk Analysis - Day 2

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Tuesday Closing Remarks - Day 2

Carrie Besnette Hauser, John Ramo, Lynne Cherry

The Power of Education - Day 2

Corie Radka, Marjorie Layden, Katie Hoffner, Osprey Orielle Lake, Sally Ranney

Linking Women and Climate Change - Day 2

Rabbi Michael Cohen

Wednesday Opening Prayer - Day 3

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Wednesday Opening Remarks - Day 3

David Fenton

The Challenges of Communicating Climate - Day 3

Bob Perkowitz, Celinda Lake, David Fenton, Cheri Anderson

Activating Americans: What Works and What Doesn’t - Day 3

Huang Ming

Solar Valley: Solar Everything! - Day 3

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