Now’s the Time For Heroines and Heroes

We are dancing on the razor’s edge – a dangerous proposition as we are in a shrinking and critical window of time for our efforts to reverse the most catastrophic impacts of climate change we are facing.

At the same time, we find ourselves with the tools, understandings and solutions to make radical changes in our energy systems, in our relationship with Nature and the web of life upon which we depend, and with each other. Also to affect a transformation of our consciousness, as it will be the ultimate determination of how we perceive the world and how we choose to exist in it.

At the annual AREDAY summit, we consider over a three and a half day period how best to implement and accelerate at scale what we call the Five Verticals of Solution — all of which rest upon the Pillar of Transformative Consciousness if they are to be successful and enduring:

  • Stop the burning of all fossil fuels
  • Remove 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester in the ground
  • Rebalance the PH of the oceans and clean up all plastic at its source and in the oceans of the world
  • Regenerative agriculture and soil restoration
  • Plant 2 trillion trees, stop deforestation and restore degraded and destroyed natural systems We must do all these things simultaneously; do them now, and without hesitation.

We must commit our hearts to our heads in order to heal ourselves and our beautiful, extraordinary life-sustaining Home Planet. As we transform our consciousness to fully embrace, respect and resuscitate Mother Earth, we also transition into clean, renewable energy from the sun, the wind, the Earth (geothermal), ocean currents and tides, and hydrogen.

The AREDAY Summit platform is designed to provide a presence to the possibilities; to new ideas, innovative technologies and breakthroughs; to the tried and true that works and the visioned potential yet untested: to the wisdom of those who can guide the way home to the well-being of all life; and to chart new territory in policy and collaboration. We hope we’ll see you again later this year.