A Former Marine’s Crusade to Bring Renewable Energy to Puerto Rican Communities

Carlos Alberto Velázquez López is on a mission to make the island 100% powered by renewables before 2050.  When Category 4 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, Carlos Alberto Velázquez López worked for a small solar installation company. What he saw in the aftermath — including some communities going without power for 11 […]

Critics Question How Climate-Friendly an Appalachian ‘Blue’ Hydrogen Hub Will Be

Promoters promise clean energy from hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage, but skeptics question reliance on technology that hasn’t been proven at scale. Critics say a pair of proposals to make Appalachian Ohio part of regional hydrogen hubs is likely to benefit the state’s oil and gas industry more than the climate. The two […]

A Climate Lawsuit Won Big in Montana. What Will it Mean For Other Cases?

Why experts say the Held v. Montana decision could lead to more climate wins in the courts. After three years, a climate lawsuit brought by 16 young people against the state of Montana has come to a stunning close. On Monday, a Montana district court judge ruled that the state government’s energy permitting policies violated the youth plaintiffs’ […]

Books For Our New, Climate-Changed Summers

After the daunting heatwaves and storms of this summer, our cheery visions of the season seem at odds with our climate-changed reality. Officially, the end of summer is marked by the autumnal equinox on September 23. Unofficially, summer ends some weeks earlier, with the start of classes in the nation’s schools and colleges. This year, […]

Local Buffer Zones Could Cut U.S. Renewables Potential by 42%

As municipal zoning rules limit space for solar and wind projects, finding less disruptive locations with the aid of environmental and social data may become key to balancing renewable energy growth with local needs. In the United States, setback ordinances—regulation issued by towns and counties to keep renewables projects at a safe distance from neighbouring […]