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Day 1 – Monday, June 18th

Morning Session – Our Life Support Systems at Risk: Reclamation & Recovery
Morning Host – Amy Lewis WILD Foundation
Afternoon Session – Nature Needs Half
Afternoon Host – Osprey-Orielle Lake Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Welcoming Remarks
Chip Comins, AREI
Sally Ranney, AREI

Reverend Gerald Durley

Blessings and Reflections
Reverend Gerald Durley, Interfaith Power and Light

Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook

Daily Blessing
Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook, Lakota Elders

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Blue Heart of the Planet: Oceans = Life
Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue & The Sea Alliance; Ocean Elder

Sally Ranney, Jon Goldin-Dubois, David L. Eves

If Not Now, When? Utilities Transitioning and the 7×7 Initiative
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
Jon Goldin-Dubois, Western Resource Advocates
David L. Eves, Xcel Energy Colorado

Corey Lockman, Will Roush, Eli Weiss, Brian Badger, Paul Watson

Wildlife Protection Strategies: Spinning in the Web of Life
Moderator: Corey Lockman, Wildlife Protection Solutions
Will Roush, Wilderness Workshop
Eli Weiss, WildiZe Foundation®
Brian Badger, Cheetah Conservation Fund
Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

Sally Ranney, Rod Richardson

Protect Nature and Reduce Global CO2 Emissions by Building a Global Multi-Trillion Dollar Barrier-Free Clean Capital Market
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI, Earth Restoration Alliance
Rod Richardson, The Grace Richardson Fund

More Monday videos coming soon! In the meantime you can access more videos via Livestream. Click here.

Day 2 – Tuesday, June 19th

Morning Session – Is Democracy a Sustainable Resource?
Morning Host – Bill Becker Presidential Climate Action Project
Afternoon Session – New Energy Models and Technology on the Move
Afternoon Host – Aaron Berger Asymmetric Solutions

Reverend Gerald Durley

Is the Climate Change Movement the Civil Rights Movement of Today?
Reverend Gerald Durley, Interfaith Power and Light

David Orr

Democracy and the Future of Energy
David Orr, Oberlin College

Bill Becker, Richard Greene, David Orr, John Powers, Annie Lappe, Maggie Fox, Rob Sisson

How to Create a Climate Majority and Advance Policy Supporting Sustainability in America
Moderator: Bill Becker, Presidential Climate Action Project
Richard Greene, Author; 279 for Change
David Orr, Oberlin College
John Powers, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
Annie Lappe, Vote Solar
Maggie Fox, Maggie Fox Strategies
Rob Sisson, ConservAmerica

Maggie Fox

Women and Democracy: Achieving the Essential Balance of Power
Maggie Fox, Maggie Fox Strategies

General (Ret) Wesley Clark

Global Security and Sustainability: Is Democracy the Keystone for Success?
General (Ret) Wesley Clark, Growth Energy

Sally Ranney, General (Ret) Wesley Clark, Catherine Novelli

Globalization and Renewable Energy: Can an “Ecological Civilization” Become Reality?
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
General (Ret) Wesley Clark, Growth Energy
Catherine Novelli, Listening for America

Tom Blees

China and Russia Are Moving Ahead: Is Nuclear Sustainable?
Tom Blees, Science Council for Global Initiatives (SCGI)

Julie Ann Wrigley, Bill Brandt, Gary Dirks, Ariel Anbar, Emma Hopson

Innovative Education Models: Preparing the Next Generation of Planetary Managers
Introductory Remarks: Julie Ann Wrigley, Julie Wrigley Investments
Moderator: Bill Brandt, ASU LightWorks®
Gary Dirks, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Sustainability Institute, ASU
Ariel Anbar, School of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU
Emma Hopson, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Sustainability

Katie Ginsberg

Transforming K-12 Learning: Empowering Students to Become Earth Citizens
Katie Ginsberg, Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation

Daniel Kreeger, Arlene Burns, Steve Skadron, Clint Kinney, Tim McCollough

Taking the Lead Despite National Fallout: Cities Out Front on Climate Solutions
Moderator: Daniel Kreeger, Association of Climate Change Officers
Arlene Burns, Mayor, Mosier, OR
Steve Skadron, Mayor, Aspen, CO
Clint Kinney, Town Manager, Snowmass, CO
Tim McCollough, Fort Collins Utilities, CO

Megan Gilman, Chris Miller, Bryan Hannegan, David Hornbacher, Luis Reyes

New Clean Energy Paradigm for Rural Electric Co-Ops
Moderator: Megan Gilman, Holy Cross Energy
Chris Miller, Guzman Energy
Bryan Hannegan, Holy Cross Energy
David Hornbacher, City of Aspen Utilities
Luis Reyes, Kit Carson Electric Cooperative

James Calaway

Lithium and the Future of Battery Technology Impacts
James Calaway, Global Geosciences Ltd.

Henk Rogers, Jeff Mikulina

The States: 100% Renewable by 2045 – the Hawaii Model
Henk Rogers, Blue Planet Foundation
Jeff Mikulina, Blue Planet Foundation

Matt Cheney, Jean-Marc O’Brien

Transforming Markets: A New Model for Gigawatts of Solar
Matt Cheney, Conveyance Capital
Jean-Marc O’Brien, Ardour Capital Investments

Geoff Greenfield, Noah Davis, D.C. Cordova

Solar Energy: Unstoppable and Advancing Across the Globe
Moderator: Geoff Greenfield, Third Sun Solar
Noah Davis, Solar Rollers
D.C. Cordova, Himin Solar China

Matthew Nordan

Fighting Climate Change with Innovation: PRIME Coalition Case Study
Matthew Nordan, PRIME Coalition

Bill Tai

Evening Program Opening Keynote
Bill Tai, Hut 8 Mining

Peter Hirshberg, Hanieh Sadat, Evan Caron, John Clippinger, Bill Tai

Real Life Business Applications in BlockChain
Moderator: Peter Hirshberg, Swytch
Hanieh Sadat, GenesysOne Capital
Evan Caron, Swytch
John Clippinger, Token Commons Foundation
Bill Tai, Hut 8 Mining

Hanieh Sadat, Greg Landua, David Sabo, Hannan Ismail, Dan Mapes, Michael Longoria

BlockChain for Impact
Moderator: Hanieh Sadat, GenesysOne Capital
Greg Landua, Terra Genesis International
David Sabo, Symbol Network
Hannan Ismail, Climatecoin
Dan Mapes, Verses
Michael Longoria, ImpactX

Chip Comins, Bill Tai, James Eggleston, Evan Caron, John Clippinger

The Look of the Future with Decentralized Electricity Production
Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
Bill Tai, Hut 8 Mining
James Eggleston, Power Ledger
Evan Caron, Swytch
John Clippinger, Token Commons Foundation

Sally Ranney, Chris Marston, Mark Chasan

Legal Implications of Financing Cryptocurrencies
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
Chris Marston, Exemplar Companies
Mark Chasan, Exemplar Companies

Day 3 – Wednesday, June 20th

Morning Session – The Uptake on Drawdown
Morning Host – Katie Hoffman ResCo, LLC
Afternoon Session – Financing Drawdown: The Role of Investment and Philanthropy
Afternoon Host – Geoff Greenfield Third Sun Solar

Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook

Daily Blessing
Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook, Lakota Elders

Heather Reams, Charles Hernick, Rob Sisson, Rod Richardson

Citizen Conservatives Leading the Charge on Energy Solutions
Moderator: Heather Reams, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions
Charles Hernick, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions
Rob Sisson, ConservAmerica
Rod Richardson, The Grace Richardson Fund

Chip Comins, Juan Grobler, Kevin Carriere, Charles Seyfert, Jim Kehoe, Harry Teague

CO2, Efficiency and the Built Environment
Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
Juan Grobler, FridgeWize
Kevin Carriere, Powertron Global
Charles Seyfert, FridgeWize
Jim Kehoe, Cunniffe Architects
Harry Teague, Teague Architects

Veronica Garcia

Cryptocurrencies in Latin America for Solar MicroGrid
Veronica Garcia, Bitlumens

Jeff Weiss

Financing Renewables in the Post PPA World
Jeff Weiss, Distributed Sun

Tom King, PJ Wilson, Enrique Martinez, Taite McDonald

Resiliency Rebuild: Puerto Rico
Moderator: Tom King, CrossRiver Capital
PJ Wilson, Solar and Energy Storage Association of Puerto Rico
Enrique Martinez, WebCapitalists
Taite McDonald, Holland and Knight

Heidi VanGenderen, David Kang

At Scale: A Large University’s Commitment and Roadmap to Sustainability
Heidi VanGenderen, University of Colorado Boulder
David Kang, University of Colorado Boulder

John Roulac

Regenerative Agriculture and Healthy Soils: The Leading Solution to Climate Change
John Roulac, NUTIVA

Brook LeVan, Aaron Makaruk, Gregory Landua, Kate McBride, Eden Vardy, Jerome Osentowski

Food Security in the Changing Climate
Moderator: Brook LeVan, Sustainable Settings
Aaron Makaruk, OSBeehives
Gregory Landua, Terra Genesis International
Kate McBride, Other Side Ranch
Eden Vardy, The Farm Collaborative
Jerome Osentowski, CRMPI

Rod Richardson

The New Leveraged Clean Tax Cuts Federal Proposal: “The Clean Capital Markets and Pollutions Free Enterprise Act”
Rod Richardson, The Grace Richardson Fund

Sally Ranney, Woody Tasch, Roger Sorkin

Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital: Building American Resilience
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
Woody Tasch, Slow Money
Roger Sorkin, American Resilience

Jim Dehlsen

Could the Oceans be the Answer? Tidal Wave and Wind Energy
Jim Dehlsen, Ecomerit Technologies

Collin O’Mara

Don’t Forget Nature: Lives Depend On It
Collin O’Mara, National Wildlife Federation

John McBride, Paul Andersen

Land Use and Smart Planning in the West
John McBride, Sopris Foundation
Paul Andersen, Author

Emma Hutchinson, Dana Bourland, Shawn Reifsteck, Aimee Witteman, Erin Rogers

Countless Solutions, Limited Funds: The Role of Philanthropy in Addressing Climate Change
Moderator: Emma Hutchinson, Tom Ford Fellow, MacArthur Foundation
Dana Bourland, JPB Foundation
Shawn Reifsteck, ClimateWorks Foundation
Aimee Witteman, Midwest Climate and Energy Program, McKnight Foundation
Erin Rogers, Environment Program, William and Flora Hewlett Foundatio

Anthony Hobley

2020 – The Climate Change Turning Point: The Matrix of Our Choices
Anthony Hobley, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Mindy Lubber

The $1 Trillion Investment Campaign: Financing Drawdown
Mindy Lubber, Ceres

Brian Czech

Preventing Cascading Collapses: Rethinking Growth and Charting the Path to a Steady State Economy
Brian Czech, Center for the Advancement of Steady State Economy

Amanda Ellis, Brianne West, Kristen Linzy, Jennifer Nielsen, Osprey Orielle Lake, Sandra Kwak

Warriors, Wisdom and Leadership: Women Trailblazing the Transformation to Sustainability
Moderator: Amanda Ellis,
Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability ASU Hawaii
Brianne West, Ethique
Kristen Linzy, SolarSPELL ASU
Jennifer Nielsen, ekko world
Osprey Orielle Lake, Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network
Sandra Kwak, 10Power

Chip Comins, Reverend Gerald Durley, Hawk Newsome

We Shall Overcome: Where Can the Racial Justice and Climate Justice Movements Meet?
Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
Reverend Gerald Durley, Interfaith Light and Power
Hawk Newsome, Black Lives Matter

James Balog

11:18Applying the principles of biomimicry to business: Wiebke Liu at TEDxOlympicBlvdWomenTEDx TalksRecommended for you20:06Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)LastWeekTonightRecommended for you8:50Hedy Lamarr–1969 TV InterviewAlan EichlerRecommended for you1:10:181177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)NCASVideoRecommended for you41:31George Harrison

Day 4 – Thursday, June 21st

Morning Session – Achieving the New Carbon Economy: Bold Ideas, Technology, Sustainability and Peace
Morning Host – Abby Stern Lead with Love
Afternoon Session – Films, Families, Activists and Adventurers: Changing Minds and Influencing Solutions
Afternoon Host – Barney Swan 2041 ClimateForce

Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook

Daily Blessing
Phyllis Bald Eagle and Amos Cook, Lakota Elders

Allie Kelly

Electric Highway: Charging EVs While Driving
Allie Kelly, The Ray

Katie Hoffman

Millenials on the Move: Financing a Low Carbon Economy
Katie Hoffman, ResCo, LLC

Bill Brandt, Klaus Lackner, Ellen Stechel, Keith Paustian

The New Carbon Economy
Moderator: Bill Brandt, ASU LightWorks®
Klaus Lackner, The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, ASU
Ellen Stechel, ASU LightWorks®
Keith Paustian, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory CSU


The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary: A Bold Vision to Keep It In the Ground
Parvati, MAPS

Chip Comins, Christopher Salata, Lindsay Gonzalez, Shivani Laura St George

Sustainability and Peace are Inseparable: Fast-Tracking Peace in a World of Turmoil
Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
Christopher Salata, Peace Accelerators
Lindsay Gonzalez, EarthToday Foundation
Shivani Laura St George, Peace Accelerators

Heidi Kuhn

Grenades and Mine Fields to Gardens
Heidi Kuhn, Roots of Peace

Lisa Altieri, Ruari McKenna, Danny Copeland

Technology to Facilitate Change and Support Change Agents
Moderator: Lisa Altieri, Climate Solutions Net
Ruari McKenna, Care2
Danny Copeland, Rolex Scholar Underwater Photographer & VR Specialist

Sandra Kwak, Jackie Francis, Katie Hoffman, Vasser Seydel

Architects of the Future and Evolutionary Strategists: Thinking Differently about Solutions
Moderator: Sandra Kwak, 10Power
Jackie Francis, Keeling Curve Prize
Katie Hoffman, ResCo, LLC
Vasser Seydel, Next Generation, Turner Foundation

Peter Fiekowsky

Climate Restoration is the New Climate Policy Goal
Peter Fiekowsky, Healthy Climate Alliance

Barney Swan, Mario Molina, Gretchen Bleiler

Freeriders, Olympians and Explorers Taking on the Climate Challenge
Barney Swan, 2041 ClimateForce
Mario Molina, Protect Our Winters
Gretchen Bleiler, Olympic Champion Snowboarder

Mike Phillips & Shaya

Rocky Mountain Wolf Project
Mike Phillips & Shaya, TESF

Greg Reitman, Hannah Testa, Dianna Cohen

Blue Plastic and Ocean Rescue
Moderator: Greg Reitman, Blue Water Entertainment
Hannah Testa, Hannah4Change
Dianna Cohen, Plastic Pollution Coalition

Sally Ranney, Pat Mitchell, Scott Seydel

A Family’s Intergenerational Commitment to Conversation and a Better World
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
Pat Mitchell, Women’s Media Center
Scott Seydel, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Randy McNamara

The Beingness of Air
Randy McNamara, Transformational Educator

Laughlin Artz

Climate Change: The Real Crisis
Laughlin Artz, 2020 or Bust

Sally Ranney, Andrew Scott, Chip Comins

Creating Solutions by Understanding and Using the Realities of ‘NOW’
Moderator: Sally Ranney, AREI
Andrew Scott, Open Mind Project
Chip Comins, AREI

Mynoo Maryel, Sally Ranney

Reclaiming Dignity
Mynoo Maryel, World Dignity Forum
Sally Ranney, AREI

Chip Comins, Pat Mitchell, Jim Balog, Michael Cain, Paul Atkins, Greg Reitman

Power of Film to Change Minds and Influence Solutions
Moderator: Chip Comins, AREI
Pat Mitchell, Sundance Film Festival
Jim Balog, Human Element
Michael Cain, EARTHx Film
Paul Atkins, Moana Productions
Greg Reitman, Blue Water Entertainment

More 2018 videos coming soon! Stay tuned!

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